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geogrids, biogeocomposites, Vinyl Sheet Piles

Vinyl Sheet Piles

Vinyl sheet piles are an environmentally friendly, lightweight and extremely durable and advanced alternative to the traditional materials such as steel, concrete or wood. They are used in construction projects more and more broadly because of their excellent parameters and the possibility of lowering investment costs.


Specialized geosynthetics widely used in civil engineering projects to stabilize and reinforce land or to separate the substrate layers with varying graining.

The solid, integral structure of PolGrid products and four-sided openings function considerably better with aggregate than flat profile grids or geogrids with rounded openings. Geogrids are used in transport construction projects and other geothechnical works.

PolGrid products are quick and easy to install and allow for the reduction of the use of materials, thus saving investment costs and saving time.


The PolGrid biogeocomposite is a combination of a geogrid with stiff nodes and a biotextile with grass seeds.

It is practical and convenient method of turfing, greening, but also for securing slopes near roads and highways, railway embankments, flood embankments and industrial areas.

It allows you to quickly cover and protect the soil surface of the slope, protecting it against erosion and near-surface landslide